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深圳市文业装饰设计工程股份有限公司Shenzhen Wenye Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wenye Decoration” or “Company”) is a company founded in January 1985. Now, it has the registered capital of RMB138 million. As one of the first enterprises with the qualifications of Class A building decoration design, Class I building decoration construction, Class A curtain wall design and Class I curtain wall construction approved by the Ministry of Construction, the Company has taken the lead in passing the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health, Safety and Management System, and become standing director of China Building Decoration Association, standing director unit of Guangdong Decorative Association, and deputy chairman unit of Shenzhen Decorative Association.

Engineering PerformanceProject

  • Hotels
  • Office ceter
  • Transportation junctions
  • Curtain comprehensiveness
  • Creative design
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial real estate

Corporate spirit

Leverage Cultural Harmony And Business Integrity For Excellence

Company Vision

Build "a scientific and technological innovation and customer experience-oriented modern decoration enterprise with low cost and high quality as the core compretitivenes".

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